Monday, February 22, 2016

The Young Lady Tuface's Wife is Chasing From Him is Actually A Lady He Dis-vir-gin?

Trust some Nigerians on the internet to dig deep and bring out information whenever you try to hit hard on a lady for coming close to your husband. Sometimes I don't really know where some ladies stand.

Anyway, someone has revealed that the relationship between Tubaba and the lady his wife, Annie, is chasing away from him started even before Annie got pregnant for him. The source said the lady is related to Raymond Dokpesi and she's the one Tubaba should have married. Hmmm...See details...

Now this is interesting. The lady refused to marry Tubaba because he had many ladies back then, but now that he has just one woman, she's interested in him again? You just can't predict ladies. Lol!

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