Thursday, January 28, 2016

Heartless! Guys Abduct, Gang-R*pe Fashion Designer in Lagos

A fashion designer, Jesica (real names withheld), has been abducted and gang-r*ped by seven crazy men in the Powerline area of Oko Oba in the Agege area of Lagos.
It was learnt that the Elere Police Division, where the heartless act was reported, had arrested a 32-year-old man, Abiodun Ariyo, as one of the suspects.
Ariyo, who is a cobbler and reportedly made advances to Jesica in the past which she refused, allegedly led six of his friends to abduct and gang-r*pe the 20-year-old lady.

According to Punch, on Sunday at about 9pm, she was returning home from her shop when she was said to have been waylaid by Ariyo on Powerline Road.
The guy, who came with six others, allegedly dragged the lady to a place where she was gang-r*ped.
Jesica was thereafter taken away to a yet-to-be-identified building where she was kept till the evening of Monday.
The victim’s family members were said to have looked everywhere for her without success, after which they reported at the police station.
The gang later sneaked into the area at about 11pm on Monday and dropped off Jesica on her street.
The lady was said to have become unconscious, as she could not talk for about a day.
Speaking with Punch, Jesicaa’s elder brother, Olasunkanmi, said the family was distraught while trying to find out her whereabouts.
He said, “Abbey (Ariyo) had earlier disturbed my sister, but she was not interested. Later, he bought her a phone which she collected. When we learnt about it, we told her to return it as Abbey was not a responsible man.
“She went to return the phone to Abbey on Saturday. On Sunday, she was returning home around 9pm from her shop when Abbey led some guys to r*pe her.
“They took her to a place where they slept with her. We searched for her all through Sunday till Monday. I went to her shop, but her friends said they did not see her. Around 11pm on Monday, she staggered back home.
“We asked her what happened, but she could not say anything. It was on the second day, Tuesday, that she told us that it was Abbey and his friends that gang-r*ped her.
“She could not recall other faces well, but she recognised Abbey.”
A social worker, identified only as Ike, who took Funmi for medical examination, said the result was being awaited to know if the victim had any complication.
She said, “The lady could identify only one person who has now been arrested. The suspect and his parents live in the same house. The man is still denying the incident. She has been taken for a medical test and we are awaiting the result.”
The matter has been brought to the attention of Lagos Domestic and Social Violence Response Team.
The team’s Coordinator, Lola Vivour-Adeniyi, said, “This is a drug-addicted rape, so the lady could barely recognise the faces. She narrated to us that when she saw Abbey, they were talking about his phone.
“She suddenly saw different men behind him, and one of them used a handkerchief to cover her nose. That was the last thing she knew.
“We are waiting for the result of the medical tests. So, once the matter is charged to court, we have stood by with the DPP to request the duplicate case file for advice.”

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